So far

Not going to lie, we’re in this bicycle business because of our passion for the act of cycling, in all its forms and facets.  It’s seems to be about the freedom and emotion tied, and that says something about us all.  I wouldn’t want to work in any other sector, where I couldn’t ride with my customers and colleagues.

Over the last 12 years I’ve been fortunate enough to manage, in some capacity, sales and marketing on three continents.  From this joyride I have a balanced experience in sales management and global distribution, marketing management, and ground-up identity creation; I’ve worked for companies both 80 and 0 years old; I’ve helped old thinkers step into e-commerce; I have done roof-top morning exercises.  Each step furthered my understanding of how to be successful in the world today.  Take a few moments to look at some of my work, projects, and influences.

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